I am a registered nurse since 2006. I started my career at the Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, MD. However, this was not for me so I moved over to their Cardiac Surgical Unit. That was amazing but I soon realized I did not want to live in that area. I was fortunate enough to work at Rhode Island Hospital in their Cardiac Step Down Unit after that. That was an amazing experience as well. Eventually, I moved back to Northeast, PA where I spent just over seven years working in a busy small town ER. That was an excellent learning experience. I was blessed to work some pretty amazing people.

My last manager told me that, “I have a real gift for nursing and greatly exceed expectations” which is ironic because I used to hate nursing and never considered it my calling. However, I learned to appreciate nursing for the blessing that it truly is and I stopped taking it for granted. I learned to enjoy it appreciating it for the gift from God that it truly is. This epiphany has really changed my life as a nurse and it made me a much better nurse as well.

Nursing is an excellent opportunity to really make a difference for someone who really needs you and serve to the glory of God at the same time.  There is great satisfaction in coming through a critical situation and having a favorable outcome knowing that in part, it is because you did everything right. What I like just as much, or perhaps even more, is when a patient says “God bless you.” That is my favorite. Something as simple as praying out loud  for them can really make a difference in their life at that moment.

I had a suicidal patient, a 15 year old young lady who I had taken care of and prayed with years earlier walk back into my ER several years later and she say “There is my angel!”  I did not recognize her at first but soon remembered her as she told me her story. She was grown up now and told me that she was in her second year of college and anxious to embark on a promising career as a Physician’s assistant. Those are the kind of moments that make it all worthwhile. I had an elderly female patient tell me recently that “God was going to something extra special for me.” I must admit that He already has done many amazing things for me, but there is still something near and dear to my heart. So here is hoping!

I am concurrently pursuing careers in non-fictional writing and personal development as well. I do not plan on leaving nursing anytime soon. In fact, in terms of the personal development services that I offer, the two are complimentary.  As a writer I did some freelance writing and Christian devotionals for approximately a year. I may also start writing in the BLOG section on this site so check it out!

I am thinking about taking courses at Penn State again to finish my degree and take some other courses to aid me in my video and web production endeavors and finishing my nursing degree. It is a great way to meet people and socialize too. I love to learn and I can be pretty social!

I developed two working models of ideas that I hope to patent in the near future. I will be showing them to a patent attorney in the near future as soon as I put a couple of final touches on them. I will be anxiously awaiting his evaluation.

My real life interests lie in physical fitness endeavors. I plan on integrating certified personal trainer and certified exercise certifications into my nursing and personal development careers.

I love running , biking , swimming, kayaking and weight lifting. As for running, I started in April of 2012. I remember when I could not sustain one mile without stopping. Now my long run is 26.2 miles and I have done that twice. I would say my typical run is 7 miles. As of today, I have 1854 running miles logged (GPS) in Runkeeper, 1043 treadmill miles on Runtastic totaling 2897 miles run. That does not include lost runs tracked with other programs like MapMyRun, Endomondo, Strava and a few others that I have tried. I also like to ride my bicycle, kayak, and hike. Adding those activities to the runs tracked with Runkeeper my total cardio mileage is 3383 miles.  Update: switched to mapmyrun. I have to add up the miles between the trackers to get a new total but well over 3500 now.

As for weight lifting, I have been doing that since December of 2004. I enjoy being strong, and at one time I thought I would like to push myself to become freakishly muscular. Google Ronnie Coleman. That goal has however since changed. Rotator cuff injuries have limited some of what I can do now and my primary motivation has since changed to endurance.

Running and cardiac endurance became more important to me, I now prefer not to carry the bulk of excess muscle (if there is such a thing, lol). I have since shifted my training paradigm. I now have aspirations of becoming a triathlete. My longest bike ride was 75 miles on a trail. I have placed an increased emphasis on swimming for 2016.

The best gains in terms of physical fitness require clean eating. I like to eat and party like most everyone else, but I like feeling good better. So, I’m committed to a healthy diet, most of the time anyway. The majority of my diet currently lies in whole fruits and vegetables. I get my protein from seafood, chicken, eggs, and whey. Update: As the end of summer party season is coming to a close I plan on transitioning back into a mostly plant-based diet. What do gorillas, hippos and elephants have in common?  Give up? They are all herbivores and immensely strong so I believe humans can do it too.

I love photography but the cell phone camera has made me lazy. I rarely take my “real” camera anywhere anymore. So, I have been away from quality photography for a while but I did dig the cameras out and charge the batteries!. The subject matter of my photography varies widely ranging from close-up photography, unposed candids of people doing what they do naturally and of course nature photography. I’ll share some work in various galleries later.

I learned to meditate. I cannot believe the unbelievable difference that it makes in my daily life. I’ll write more about this later on another site. Words cannot adequately express its benefits. The clarity of thought, the idea generation and the perspective it provides are nothing short of amazing. Being mindful and knowing that the now changes and that you are not stuck with what is now will change your life.

I like technology, but that is a solitary geek thing! I am going to start producing videos and blogging about it and some of my other interests as well. I have plans to launch six websites by the end of the year though that may be a bit optimistic. I will be posting  the links in separate blog posts on this website as I start to build them up. Stay tuned.

I am a firm believer in being true to yourself. You only get one life and it is a gift to you. You cannot be responsible for anyone else’s happiness nor should you count on anyone else to make you happy. Whatever is inside you, whatever your bliss is, follow it. That is what I do.

Check out coach-brad.com and keep watch as I develop this site.  Update: Got bored with this in favor of developing my patent idea and personal development career not to mention summertime fun! I may or may not return to this project. Click the following link to check out the BLOG section here for updates on my personal endeavors. I will become more focused on this as the summer winds down and the weather gets cooler.



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